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Our Philosophy


Hi!  We are the Finley Family!   We have 8 wooded acres in Elgin, Texas we share with our goats, pigs, dogs, and cats.  Our goal has been to take baby steps toward becoming self sufficient and just plain getting back to basics.  
In an effort to reduce my family's exposure to unwanted chemicals and to use our farm's resources we decided to delve into the wonderfully creative world of  soap making.  We currently have 3 milking girls.  The 3 does we are currently milking are Spitfire, her daughter Fury and Polo.  They were all born on our farm and are a part of our family.    We do not have a huge herd but they take their jobs very seriously and produce plenty of milk for the family, pigs, dogs and our soap!  
We are a family run soap company. My sons are Nikolai and Deklan.  They work with me everyday.  Deklan is the main milker and caregiver of the goats and also helps at the farmer's market.  Niko is the demonstration specialist for all of our retail locations.  He is a fantastic salesman.  And of course my husband, Stef is a great all around errand and delivery boy!

About Us

We believe in a sustainable manner of living.  Every decision we make is based on how it contributes to the welfare of the land and animals around us.  Our small herd of Alpine goats are free to forage our 8 acres of treed land every day.   They are our family and their long term well being drives decisions made on the farm.  


Along the same lines of being good stewards to our land and animals we also try to be responsible consumers.  Like many businesses, Sweet Life purchases a large variety of products, ingredients, and services every month. When shopping we always look at local options first, then Texas made and if that fails we do our best to find materials made in the USA.  We try to buy products with little packing material and always reuse it to send our own packages.



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