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How to ship breast milk to us.


First, your milk should be in conventional breast milk storage bags and those bags need to be placed into a ziplock bag for shipping.  If you are in Texas I have had success with sending the milk in a regular shipping box packed with plenty of ice packs and newspaper. As long as it gets here with in a couple days it will still be mostly frozen.  If you are a further distance you may need to buy a small styrofoam cooler and again, pack with plenty of ice packs and newspaper.  If it is in the summer months dry ice will need to be used with a stryrofoam cooler.  PLEASE NOTIFY ME AND GET CONFIRMATION FROM ME BEFORE SENDING ANY MILK.  


Only send milk out on Monday or Tuesday and I will make the soap with in 2 days of receiving it.

Address the package to Tiffany Finley

                                            136 Spence Lane

                                            Elgin, Texas 78621


The soap needs to cure for a week here and then will be sent out to you. The soap can be used right away when you receive it but it is even better after a 3 week waiting period and will last longer due to being more dry.

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